Wireless Inter Networking Group(WING) at VVCE, Mysuru is a community where people work for the uplift of research in the area of networking. WING mainly focuses on Computer Networks, Network Security, Protocol Design and Implementation, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing.

Goals of WING

The VVCE-WING has the objective to pursue research topics in the broad area of computer communications and networks. We are interested in theoretical and experimental research that leads to the understanding of the impact and future of communications networks. To provide a platform for industry-academia collaboration on multidisciplinary research To provide a wide platform for the researchers to carry out their research work. To provide consultancy services for the researchers who are interested in networking.


Janhavi V

Gururaj HL

Associated staff
Hamsaveni M
Rajini S
Poornima N
Chethana H T
Nithin Kumar
Praveena K S
Shashank N
Swathi B H
Megha V
Anusha K S
Aishwarya T
Gagana S
Pushkin KM